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Best Online Furniture Stores Melbourne | What Your Furniture Says About You

16/10/2018 5:52 pm

Who doesn’t love furniture? But did you know that your furniture reflects your personality? Yes, it is true! The furniture choices you make to décor your home says a lot about you.

What you watch on TV:

If you have recliners in your TV lounge then you are a movie fanatic. You love watching movies with a bowl of snacks and a soda in hand and you don’t like to get disturbed while watching your favourite movie.

Pictures/Paintings on Wall:

Pictures and Paintings say a lot about you as a person. If your walls are full of pictures and paintings then you are most likely under 35. Yes, with the increase use of social media, people don’t hesitate to show their pictures anymore and this can be seen on the home walls too.

The Bedroom:

Your white, grey or any soft toned colour bed reflects that you like to keep things simple. One coloured bed sheet is also a clue that you are trying to reflect the elegance. But a colourful bed and bedsheet is a symbol of outgoing personality.


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  1. Pluto Corner Sofa Bed RHF Chaise - Brown


    RRP: $2,499

    • Material: Fabric
    • Dimensions: 330cm (W) x 160cm (D) x 80cm (H)
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    Pluto Corner Sofa Bed RHF Chaise - Brown