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Best Online Furniture Stores Melbourne | Interesting Furniture Addictions

16/10/2018 4:31 pm

A human body and mind can get addicted to almost anything, YES, anything! There are people who are obsessed with the idea of buying and collecting furniture or decor, just like stamp ticket collection but it can be a lot more expensive. This can also reflect the personality and emotions they possess. 

Some people love to collect paintings and their visits to art galleries and decor stores are very frequent.

However, there are collectors who love to collect paintings and the art industry is happy ;)

Some people see the furniture designs and crafting as an art itself and it is definitely true. Here we are not talking about the conventional furniture you get from the retailers but the designer furniture or custom-made furniture specially crafted for the collector. It can be expensive but people who can afford, don’t mind paying for their passion. There are people who love new furniture or decor and look forward to occasions so that they get to buy it. This can be anything such as a painting, coffee table, chair etc. These buyers usually shop from the regular retailers available in town.


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  1. Pluto Corner Sofa Bed RHF Chaise - Brown


    RRP: $2,499

    • Material: Fabric
    • Dimensions: 330cm (W) x 160cm (D) x 80cm (H)
    Pluto Corner Sofa Bed -... Learn More

    Pluto Corner Sofa Bed RHF Chaise - Brown